• taylor


Updated: Nov 23, 2019

took my two big and strong sons to your store to shop for odds and ends and it did not go well. my 6 foot 1 inch and 6 foot no inch sons made ME ride in the cart like a small baby would, they screm at me if i try to leave the red cart, smack my head and ass with a newspaper. they rolled me to the hal-o-ween aisle and there is a giant 8 foot tall inflatable ghoul next to the pumpkings. my sons lifted my frail body out of the cart and stuffed me into the inflatable ghoul and sealed it shut. i have been stuck in here for nearly 20 hours, i'm writing this from inside the ghoul, it is hot and smells bad. i have tried calling for help but everyone believes it is just part of the gag, that the big ghoul can talk and scream and wiggle around. but it is not part of the gag, it is me. i am begging your workers for help, begging my sons to come back and let me go. i have tried calling my wife but she is mean and 65 years old and doesn't know how to answer phone. please, please tell your workers that the ghoul in the pumpking aisle does not scream on its own, it is a man trapped inside, who cannot get freed from this ghost prison. hal-o-ween is always bad for me!


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