• taylor


stopped at one of your stations to fill up my tank with gas, driving my 2 6 foot 1 inch and 6 foot no inch sons around the county because they yell at me if i dont do what they say. well o stopped to top off the tank and was attacked by moths. there was thousands tens thousands of moths flying about, running into the light and running into my eyes. they swarmed me and attached to my body. bit my ass and my arms. my sons locked the doors and laughed at me, i was covered in moths head toe toe, like a hazmat suit but the suit is made of MOTH not plastic. could barely move my body, the weight of moth was too great. my powerful sons yelled at me that they could move if it was them since they are strong and i am weak, but they would not open the car door to let me in away from the swarm of moths. i have rashes now on my ass and body, from where they bit me. my 65 year old wife won't go near me since i smell like her old closet. it's awful.


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