• taylor


Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Wonder how many foot long my 6 foot 1 inch and 6 foot no inch sons could stand inside. LOL. I say SIX. my mean 65 year old wife does not speak to me so I do not know her answer. My sons refuse to stand next to the foot longs I stack up in the yard so I can know. They throw bricks at the tower of tuna and herb and cheese,. They will not do it so I will not know I guess. I've spent hundred of dollar on the foot long, stacking them as high as I can so my big sons can stand under. I use a ladder because I'm a small man and they shake the ladder when I climb, scaring me, causing me to fall and bruise my ass. My 65 year old wife eggs them on, tells me I'm too small to stack the foot long high enough for the boys to stand under. So much for answer


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