• taylor

i been eating bath salts since i was 1 and a half

Hey did you watch the movie Afflicted please email me back because Im running out of money and may be homeless because I can't work and whatever steroid aluminum bathsalt chemical does not allow work heavily without having anxiety attacks I need money for I want end up on downtown homeless Because in actual reality I'm not lazy they some type of kryptonite.. They been poisoning me early 2005 like March they put my 30 year old girlfriend I had since 2003 September. She did suicide weather than face me that down right dirty...Check Hewitt Ave Lil Tokyo

The African crip black man followed me freely and can be seen in the Ralph store Video shopping same time as I was shopping time as me. After my girlfriend committed suicide June 2005 same dude Im still from Crysalist job training on 5th Spring Also he miraculously living Hewitt same apartment complex at 4th floor I believe 403 at time i was l staying 203 next door to Asian girl because one day I saw him coming out 4th floor apartment with another black girl i dont know why he wanted me when they had my girl i was not banging his door I believe to be 403 while walking around he than ran downstairs after and starting banging on wall bcuz Im a true pimp playaer i did no talking but I did all the walking literally. They act like they found me by thereselve when they been watching me since I was 16 years.. Also Randoph Scott Sr. Big sissy aZZ And freckle face wife Scott /daughter Regina Scott /daughterTammy Scott/daughter Maylene Scott white apartment on 6th and Westlake have ye!

t to be excuted under goverment law here by lynching due to disrupting well known experiment also kidnapped drugged to only take me to xv3 apartment in west Los Angeles near by Jungles also Also xv3 sigle woman had move to Bonsallo Ave near 58th hoover. Before that trick and took me to 83 gangsta rollin60 all on the dime also Brims hood bachelors apartment no furniture the same in 60s hood none furnish apartment and more.. Over got mad for being Black Peace Stone tha don't feel pain and being a brawler.. Who going to bring me more bone rattling tears of joy dont trip put it on my black credit card asap the bible says children sin belong to there parents until 12 years of age and beside sum kid brain does not make it pass 12 Mr. And Ms. scott use to boobie trap bedroom door which in all let me know you not only played but planed this bone rattling game Randolph Scott circled my block religously before death and after of there crack baby heart attack.


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