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seeking fit, mix race gal, 40 to 55, for romance w/ funny Jewish dude

It shouldn't be this hard... should it? Seeking fun gal. . . nice during the day... a little naughty at night or vice versa for those who work evening shifts. Yeah, I have a sense of humor. Let me begin by saying. . . LOCAL GALS ONLY. That does not mean ladies from Nigeria or anywhere else beyond 40 miles from Salem, MA. Please romance scammers don't waste your time. Spring at last, I think?... So here's my Tarzan pic. Like those broad shoulders? Hey, my name is Dan... check me out! VERY YOUTHFUL (look 50... yup), FUNNY DUDE... Hospitality management professional with a lot of energy (you know like the energizer rabbit) looking for a SMAHT, open minded, playful woman. Like to travel, take long walks, ride my Harley (it's a bike ... 10 speed, though) enjoy fine dining, going to the beach, bowling, roller skating, Broadway plays... saw Jersey Boys in New York... it was excellent! Always wanted to be a performer... but suffered from stage fright. So I ended up in town politics instead... there's really no difference. . . it's show business too. . . especially with cable tv (Town of Saugus, Selectman, 1980's... see the photo with duct tape on my mouth, occasionally I suffer from "foot in mouth"). Lost my beloved Willy, a 17 year Tibetan terrier. The photo with him in the red wagon is because he was paralyzed the last year of his life. . . before that I had a wheelchair custom made for him. We traveled all over the North Shore. On Sundays, we would go into Boston, walk along the Charles and Commons. I cried for 3 months when he died. God's greatest accomplishment... dogs and cats; unfortunately humans are still an unfinished product. On Craigslist, I received two separate responses from Sam and Chris. . . I say to myself, hmmm. . . must be short for Samantha and Christine, right? Wrong! Two gay guys searching the Men seeking Women posts. My life summary is a combination of Woody Allen films from the 70s and 80s. Imagine, I'm falling for a girl, being romantic and she is a he! I washed out my mouth with soap, once i figured everything out! Remember, the ending to the movie, TOOTSIE starring Dustin Hoffman in drag. . . when Jessica Lange's father (Charles Durning) thought he was dating a lady (Dustin Hoffman) and then. . . Met a gal about a month ago, sent me a pic, told me her photo was taken in September. When we hooked up, I was somewhat startled as I thought it was her mother! What she didn't tell me was the pic from September was 15 September's (years) ago!!! Why me? Recently met a woman at OK Cupid from Cambridge, MA. I thought we were making a connection until after about 70 exchanges she admitted she's really in Montana not Massachusetts. GOOD GRIEF as Charlie Brown would say. . . One lady had 5 prepared (quite serious) questions for me to answer before she would meet. . . we spent two hours on the phone. . . I thought I was on a job interview. . . questions like. . . where do I see myself in 5 years? Have I ever been in love? That's an easy one. . . hundreds of times. . . all a gal has to do is wink at me. How many LTR relationships I had? As Ricky Ricardo would say to Lucy. . . iy iy i. I tried to be humorous with these true stories... only because everyone seems to be too serious and uptight. Remember, it's best to laugh! Please send FULL BODY PICS and list your HOMETOWN , so I know you're real.


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