• taylor

Humor a must Beauty a Plus

Hi...I am a 48 yr old male...I am looking for a woman who can make me smile.....I can be overly confident (if there is such a thing) , but I am also passionate, having been raised by the perfect parents who taught respect,responsibility and decency along with my 6 brothers and sisters. I have two teenage children still living at home (boy and girl) I want to simply appreciate someones company and be appreciated back. I want a friend, first and foremost. Friendships and relationships working to truly get to know and please the other. The type of girl that I am looking for has to have a good attitude knows how to have fun have a sense of humor doesn't take life too seriously!! I am looking for someone that is considerate, dependable, affectionate, someone that doesn't mind cuddling all night long or being out on the town camping, thrift stores,garage sales. I definitely want someone that is happy being happy (if that makes sense) good luck to all in their endeavours to find your life mate or simply your best friend.


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