• taylor

someone: Caffeine-Free? someone: InTouch? someone: Herb friendly?

someone who is Healthy, Rides-Bikes, likes Gardens, understands Pot, UNDERSTANDS ...'Caffeine-Addiction'! just: "Understands"! ...My name is, Steve, I consider myself a Drug-Specialist! ...Are-You-Pretty? Do you deal with, Chiropractics ever? Their O-K, I do sometimes, I 'believe' it can Help! Psychiatrists, on the Other-Hand, are NOT telling ANYONE the Truth! NOT even Physicians! I Sell things on the Computer; 'if' you have Things to Sell? 'What' about Bikes? Are you Involved? ...'Good'! ...'Give-a-Ring', stay 'Sane'(ABSENCE of Caffeine!), Eat Good things, and PETS are Mans-Best-Friend! ...Steve


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