• taylor

I am made of meat

Everything I tell you may be a lie, in fact only when you think I'm lying am I really telling the truth. I know it sounds awful, but it breaks down into what, comparable reality? Perception, ego, internal programed social paranoia? How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go? I am not a knight in shining armor, I am no one's anything or anyone, I am a genetic product of hundreds of thousands of years of human savagery, so yes I fight with my base instincts everyday and win for the most part. When I just can't win I go back into the hills and be a primitive thing untill such need passes . Sometimes I scream my rage at the human worl, terrifying wild life and hikers alike I'm sure. I'm not an animal but I am not what humanity presents it's self to be. Like being that peace of a puzzle that doesn't belong in the box, got miss placed years ago by some careless creator. Ok if you read this crazy ass shit this far.... My name is Matt I'm 36 single I have no kids and rent a room from my brother and his family. I live in the reno stead area, just looking to have some fun. No I don't pay for sex but I really could charge... nah the best things in life are always free I think that especially goes with sex, weed, food... now that I'm thinking about it free stuff is awesome.


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