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Seeking a special lady friend

This is Vincent (or Vinnie). I like to hug and hold. And I love the kiss, especially kissing with my tongue! I'm in my mid 60-s, and I live in downtown Chicago (all by myself). Be nice if you would be willing to come spend some time with me, and keep me company from time to time (maybe on a regular basis). I'm 5' 11", 185 lbs, grey hair, and brown eyes (size 42-44 jacket, 36" waist, and size L shirt). I'm looking for people who are similar to me in size (within a couple of inches of my height, and close to my weight. I like wearing colorful silky suits, and satin dress shirts. You might have seen me at the end of some of the news casts on Chan 7, Eyewittness News, Chicago, when they do the crowd shots of the people standing outside the glass curtain wall of Studio 7. I'm looking for ladies/transvestites/trans genders who like to hug, hold, and kiss, and who like to dress upin a masculine mmanner (men's suits or women's pantsuits that have a masculine look).If we are about the same size, my suits should fit you well, and your suits should look nice on me! I would love for us to be able to wear each other's outfits. And, you might like to feel the satin lining of my suit jackets or leather coats/blazers on your bare skin!!! I'm looking for people who live in the Chicago area, and also out-of-town people who would like a special Chicago friend, even married ladies who would like a special friend on the side. You don't have to send me any pictures, since my vision is so bad that pictures wouldn't do me any good. But to see pics of me, go to my personal web site, Also, you can look at my Facebook page to get a sampling (and brain cell nourishment) of my sense of humor, (Note: You can see everything on the page even without going through the "friending" process (if you decide not to), since I put all my FB posts out to "Public".) Three One Two, Eight Two Two, Zero Six Four Four. So, let's get together, contact me!!!


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