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I will Own you

Learn To Submit - m4w - 57 (Western Washington) age : 57 If your response does not begin wih the words "Yes Sir" it will be flaged, and ignored The first part of this is an example of how to do what I ask. The last paragraph will explain the attitude I will expect you to have, and show towards Me and My requests/commands. Sir Sir Sir Sir [4:15 PM]: Well we can be married this evening, cant we? ----------------------------- Yes Sir, Sorry, but that can not happen, Sir Sir Sir Sir Sir [4:15 PM]: Why is that? ------------------------------ Yes Sir, Because you are in Seattle and I am in Texas, Sir Sir Sir Sir Sir [4:16 PM]: Well take a fast plane ----------------------------- Yes Sir, I don't believe that I can, Sir. Sir Sir Sir Sir [4:17 PM]: Did you not tell me, the other night. That you wanted me to own you? ------------------------------ Yes Sir, Yes I did tell you, Sir Sir Sir Sir Sir [4:18 PM]: What did you mean, Pet? ------------------------------- Yes Sir, I do want to be your Pet but I want to get to know you better, Sir. Sir Sir Sir Sir [4:19 PM]: Good girl, You are speaking perfectly ------------------------------- Yes Sir, Thank you, Sir Sir Sir Sir Sir [4:20 PM]: Good bye for now, Pet ------------------------------- Yes Sir, Good-bye, Sir The pattern is,. The first two words are to always be "Yes Sir". The rest of the sentence is to be your answer to the question, or what ever comment you wish to make. You always speak in complete sentences ending in the word Sir. By speaking to me in this manor you will learn to always agree with anything I say first, then to ask questions, or explain your self. But you began to obey without question. You assume that I am always right, you may not understand why I am. But you know that I am right. That what I am telling you to do is the best thing for you to do


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