• taylor

turning 279 this noverber

I am not looking for comments from this post, I just felt it's time to let it be known there are many like me out there and chose this forum to spill the beans. I was born on November 6th 1739 and for the past 278 years lived mostly a happy and healthy life but my time is running out. I have lived in many places across America but have been living in the south since 1994. Most of my kind can sometimes make it to 300 years, but for me the last 10 years have been taking a toll on me and I know I only have a few years left. I've had 5 wives who all have passed and do have 31 children who are all alive and well, and yes I have many grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren. They will live very long lives and will be married many times too and will have to watch their spouse get old and die. For many years I thought I was extremely fortunate that I can live so long but now I know it's a curse. I am happy it's coming to an end for me but very sad I passed this curse on to all I love.

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