• taylor

Woman Wanted

Age and race do not matter, I just want somebody who is respectful , old fashioned and is not going to try to charge me for their time. A girlfriend is someone I respect and am a gentlemen around. I take care of my girlfriend. I pay for the important things. You should have an apartment, job and car. Don't be a hooker , using meth or herion, and dragging your kid around from couch to couch. That's not the person I want to be around, and I know you exist and are probably reading this . If you are on every dating site, like sugar daddy for me dot co m or something like that, you are a prostitute/jon. don't contact me a mb e r. I will report to metro police anyone who tries to sell me pussy.I just don't understand why you have to be a tweaker and a prostitute in Las Vegas because men are smarter than that. Especially this man, so just trying to be honest and gracious an elegant and feminine and respectful and I will do the same.


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