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Weird story about crazy guy

Okay I'm pretty sure no one is about to believe this but I can ensure you its 100% True. Okay so let's get started I meet my casual encounter partner who's name is potentially mikie. We have sex and I do his but only because he's not a top. Soon later the world started changing around me Because "I don't know for sure cause a lot of it is from my mind" He starts cutting himself using blood as his tool. Pentagrams are everywhere I have horrible experiences in life and start losing friends and enemies growing more vast than you can believe. I keep struggling against his demons, or all his blood power for a length of 2 years with plenty of nearby death experiences. He would play with my mind and trick me a lot destroy and kill people around me. Ending prophecy before my eyes yet. I have no actual evidence all of this is from my mind. He doesn't cut anymore but his power lingers on. Evil even leaks from every spot I go. Like a hex or a curse. The bad automatic people still talk to me in my head today, and tell me cruel things and bugs fly around me. Walking into dead animals is now a common occurrence thanks to him Mikie. That was just a short thing to sum this up want to here some more just ask. Yours truly Cameron

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