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slave women & wife needed

One thing about me is I am very honest and truthful. The truth is I am in a wheelchair, and have cerebral palsy. I went to college at Long Beach State. Well, I don't want any money, I work that way. The only thing that I want is and your friendship. I understand why you think that. Most people, on the internet, I do want money, but that is not me. The only thing that I am interested in is you and your friendship. One thing, about me is I don't do what everybody else does. I have my own philosophy and morals. What I do for work is I am a motivational speaker, and a writer. I do have a speech impediment I am looking for a submissive girl or woman (18 to 30). you must have long hair. Remember, the man is in charge. one thing, I believe in being myself; I don't act like everybody else. one this, and in a wheelchair, but I do not want another person with disability. It might take time to understand me Don't be afraid or scared of me. I wear diapers I am into BDSM. I l live at Harbor Village. I would like to meet you. I mean be real with me; go up to me and introduce you to me. I really hope to meet you.


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