• taylor

halloween express

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

it's not even june yet and i have already got my DICK stuck in one of your products. It is the candy bowl that is scary (when you reach to take a reeses or hersheys or gum, a bloody hand reaches up from the bowl to scare you). i bought the bowl to scare my huge 6 foot tall sons come hallow's ween (they scare me everyday by threatening to kick my ass because i don't buy the right food for them growing boys) and well, to have a laugh i put my dick near the bowl and the bloody hand reached up and squeezed it so hard and has not let go. i've been holding a big cardboard box in front of me for 3 HOURS to hide the shame of the bloody hand squeezing my dick and balls. it's pain full and i cannot get this damn thing off me. maybe a warning or discalimer on the product?????


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