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A Chill guy looking for a chill woman

Hi im Andrew im 26 and from niagara falls ny. I work full time and take care of my dad. On my down time i like to get out to see movies,go out to eat, bowl, goto concerts, somtimes i goto parties, and i like to cook, I tried dating websites but the women on there are way to nutty and picky so i wound up here. I like to make people laugh and i joke around alot so if you are dull you wont like me. I can also be sarcastic and a smart ass sometime so take me as i am n all that jazz. First off i will be honest and say that i dont own a vehicle right now since most women i ran into seem to think that a car makes a man who he is...i highly disagree. Im saving up for a reliable one so i wont accept any cheap hunk of junk. Buses, walking,taxis, and my bicycle are more than fine until then so if you dont like me because of that examine yourself and if you can look past that then hit me up if not it doesnt phase me either way i just figured id put that out in the open. Ive been called a very passionate person and a deep thinker and i can believe it. Im probably the loyalest guy you meet so if you hate honesty and want an jerk who will cheat on you n play games because of the whole "bad boy" image im not him either. Im more of a introvert with a splash of wild. Im not like alot of other guys i am me. So if you want to take the time to get to know me then send me a message. Thanks for reading.


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