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Updated: Nov 23, 2019

i was slapped around outside the Big Dog Big Dad Big Barbecue Joint when I was getting barbecue with my huge 6 feet tall sons and my mean wife. i was slapped around by my family because the barbecure was unfortunately bad today. i am looking fo rhelp to get stronger than my sons and meaner than my wife. i wanto have huge muscles so i can fight back when the barbecure is bad. even if the barbecue was bad i dont belive i should be reprimanded?? My sons are 15 and should not be fighting me. my wife is 68 and is too old to fight me. i am weak and need to be better, stronger, fuller. my pants should RIP when i bend because i am so strong and thick. my shirt should RIP when i flex because i am so mighty. i WILL never be beaten again by them, even when the barbecue is BAD. i want to suck the ribs the CLEAN without the threat of BEATINGS. I want to lift more weights and then fight my family.


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