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politely asked a man to turn off his cellphone during the screen ing of Snatched (Starring Amy Schumer) and this man was rude- he did not turn off his cellphone. In fact, he has been calling me ever since the movie ended. I've received over 200 calls from him. I am unsure of how he got my phone number, how he knows my name, or how he knows my address. He has left dozens of voicemails on my cellphone, some are profane and cannot be shared on a public page. Others are horribly loud piercing sounds, like a squeaking balloon. he calls me all day and night, over 200 times since Snatched starring Amy Schumer. He will cuss at me on the phone, and then start squeaking inexplicably. the squeaks hurt my ears and my sons can hear the sound even when not on speakerphone. My sons are terrified to use the phone as they believe the man is calling them. he will call them, but i tell them he won't.


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